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  • Got that art degree back in ‘10 (Go Ship!)
  • Lover of watercolor painting 
  • Had my first career (what a decade!) in graphic design
  • Moseyed my way into a life as a sommelier who’s given hundreds of wine tastings
  • Woke up one day a self-taught baker at the age of 30 who felt jaded and burnt out on her first venture into entrepreneurship and swore she would “never turn baking into a business”
  • Pisces, ENFJ, 3w2, Manifesting Generator (and a sincere believer that those 4 things tell you a lot about me!)

Between my two favorite quotes, one from my dad and one from Leo Tolstoy, I’ve found the drive to create the life I want to live. And here in America, that means building the career I wish to thrive in.

  • Krystina Fisher

    Owner, Founder, Baker

    Founded the company in 2020

  • Jessica Fidalgo

    Executive Cookie Assistant

    Joined the team as our first employee in 2021

  • Steve Corning

    Cookie Guide

    Joined the team in 2022