Virtual team building events even That Guy In Finance will rave about.

From watercolor painting on cookies to frosting and sprinkles, we've got it all! Whether you're looking to order cookie decorating kits only without a guide or have us guide your VIRTUAL or IN-PERSON party, we're honored to chat with you and can make your event a smash hit!

“Our team could not stop talking about how much fun they had during the event."

–Sr. Project Mgr, Fortune 500 Company

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“After participating in an event for my husband’s company, I knew we had to host one too."

— Senior Project Manager, Fortune 500 Company

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Please use the scheduler below to set up a quick 15 minute call to see if we're what you're looking for.

Please use the scheduler below to set up a quick 15 minute call to see if we're what you're looking for.

The Team Building Bakery™ presents the Team Building Cookie Ice Night®: The Paint Night You Can Eat.

At the end of the day, it’s not about the cookies; it’s about your team and the fun atmosphere we cultivate. Essentially, the Cookie Ice Night® experience is an adult-focused cookie decorating party — but trust us when we say it’s not about the freshly baked deliciousness. Or the sweet, brightly colored frosting. It’s about the magic that happens when you bring a bunch of colleagues — already intertwined on a daily basis — together into a space they have never explored, using tools they've only seen on TV, and seeing their eyes light up as their confidence strikes and they simply turn off their brains for an hour. Whether your team is competitive or the most chill group of acquaintances, they’ll find themselves having a blast.

From the ultimate live guided class to self-hosted “Nailed It” style competitions or even shipping Cookie Kits themed to your brand to encourage your staff to celebrate themselves on their own time while hanging with their families, we here at the Team Building Bakeryknow how to get your colleagues laughing and engaged!

  • Stress relief. Overall wellbeing. Self expression.

     “There’s a lot of literature for connection between creative expression and overall wellbeing. Whether it’s painting or it’s making music [or baking], there is a stress relief that people get from having some kind of an outlet and a way to express themselves.” 

    From a professor at Boston University according to Huffington Post

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  • Self-awareness. Social skills. Improved communication. Time management. Stress management. Increased self-esteem.

    Gaining insight into one’s behavior • Learning about social skills/cues • Increased awareness about health and nutrition • Improved communication skills • Stress management • Time management • Increased self-esteem • Brain development through using the senses

    – From the therapist who founded Culinary Art Therapy

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  • Stress relief. Boosted creativity. Increased ingenuity.

    “Clearing the mind and focusing so intensely on something that you can’t think of anything else — such as when you’re being creative — reduces stress.”

    To boost your creativity, try limiting your stress, and one good way to help cut back on stress is to spend more time on creative pursuits.

    In Boston Globe article, Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer for the Cleveland Clinic

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