The Packages

Our planning process is designed to cultivate an event that provides the best experience for your organization’s needs. These three packages are the foundations to creating the most fun atmosphere for your team! We have three different options available. See the more in-depth descriptions below.

  • Frosting Fun Team Building Cookie Ice Night® (live-guided event, in-person or virtual)
  • Watercolor Cookie Painting Party (live-guided event, in-person or virtual)
  • Cookie Kits Only (no live event, just Cookie Kits shipped to your team members)

The Investment

Our live events start at $69 per person for watercolor, and $80 per person for frosting. The average company spends between $2,500 – $4,500, including Cookie Kits shipped directly to each employee (both domestic and international) and a 60-90 minute live guided entertainment event. There is a minimum cost of $1,500 for watercolor events and $2,000 for frosting events.

Frosting Cookie Kits include 6 uniced sugar cookies, 3 colors of frosting, sprinkles and a pack of cookie decorating supplies! Watercolor Painting Cookie Kits include 5 pre-iced sugar cookies, 5+ tubs of "watercolor paints" (food coloring), and painting supplies like a palette, brushes and more!

Our Cookie Kits Only option is $65 per kit for frosting, and $48 per kit for watercolor, including domestic shipping. No minimum quantity required.

  • Holiday Frosting Fun Team Building Cookie Ice Night®

    Our most popular event, our live guided cookie decorating class is as hands-on as it gets here at the Team Building Bakery™!

    This version of the event is tasty and fun, and we learn to decorate 3 different designs of cookies together! This event is typically themed seasonally but we're happy to cater it to your company if possible!

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  • Holiday Team Building Watercolor Cookie Painting Party

    If you can hold a pen, you can hold a paintbrush! Get ready for the tastiest paint class you've ever had the pleasure of taking – and it starts with a full sensory experience the moment you open your kit! The scent of vanilla as the cookie painting tools are practically jumping out of the box up at you is almost intoxicating, and you're sure to have a blast!

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  • Cookie Kits Only

    This option is best for hosting private events with your team un-guided, showing appreciation, gifting, and encouraging family time for your staff, and is also a great budget-friendly option!

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