Tutorials: Learn to Watercolor Paint on Cookies

Your cookies are the canvas. Your gel food colorings are the paint. let's make some magic!

Frosty Flurry Holiday Cookies are on the menu!

Pre-Iced Cookies that came with your Cookie Kit? Check. Edible watercolor paints (aka food coloring) from your Cookie Kit? Check. Paint brushes, a sponge and your palette – you guessed it, from that Cookie Kit? Check.

Let's paint!

Follow along with Cookie Guide Quinn and paint your cookies!

  • The right tools are important, and always included in your cookie kit from us! What are they? Cookies iced with royal icing specially dried and gel food coloring.

    You'll want your sugar cookies and their royal icing "canvas" to have dried in a dehydrator, and use gel food coloring with water.

    The dehydrator creates a nice protective film on the cookies that prevents the food coloring (or "paint") from soaking into the cookies.

    The gel food coloring mixes well with water or alcohol to be painted without watering down your canvas too much!

  • Be ready to experiment and play with different textures, finishes and shades of color by using different different supplies, like brushes and sponges, and amounts of water!

    Using all sorts of supplies is an involved way to achieve different textures and shades of color! First, using your paint brush is the smart way to start - but as you'll learn with our class, painting with a dry brush right out of the paint bucket to the cookie will give a very different feel than loading the brush up with water before dabbing it in your paint! Experiment with those types of designs. Have a lot of water on your cookie, or a lot of paint loaded in an area? Take your sponge and blot it for a cool textured effect!

  • Know your brushes and their assets: The round skinny brush is great for details and fine lines, and the thicker flat brush is great for covering large areas and transferring large amounts of water for a lighter color effect!

    You can paint anything if you know how to use your tools. In this sample painting above, the background of the coffee coozie was painted with the larger flat brush to bring a lighter shade of pink that we created by loading the brush up with water first. The cute details on the cups, like the fine lines and pumpkins, or the coffee being painted in the latte mugs, were painted with the small round brush! They kept fine details beautifully!